N girls - Takes data from School Idol Tomodachi to sort the N girls by main attribute strength. See how your favorite N girl ranks! (It takes a while to load.)

Event point distribution - A visualization of event points by event rank. Doesn't include recent events because I'm lazy and never updated it after I first made it.

Song stats - Statistics about the positions and types of notes in each song. Also hasn't been updated since I first made it.

Numbers and data

Aqours ratings, before/after anime - I did a survey asking people to rate each girl before and after the first season of the Aqours anime.

Optimal skill slot configurations - The best combinations of skill attachments, given an unboosted team strength and unboosted card strength. (Doesn't include skill modifiers like charm or heal.)

UR luck survey - A pointless survey about UR luck. I wanted to see how different the actual UR rates and the self-reported UR rates would be.

Power creep - A look into the state of power creep at the beginning of 2016.

Event reports - I kept statistics on a few events I participated in.

Scouting odds - Odds of 10+1 scouting results, post-4.0.

EL150 - "Expected love gems spent for an average player at rank 150" - a measure of event difficulty. (No longer maintained.)

Just for fun

The following faces are all cut out from the same scene of the μ's anime. Can you identify which character is which?