I really enjoy games. I like to dive into the mechanics and make spreadsheets and do math and make apps and collect data and do STATISTICS with games. To me, they are unique puzzles. Here are some of the game-related things I've made.

School Idol Festival

School Idol Festival is a gacha anime rhythm mobile game. When I was introduced to it, I was neither good at Guitar Hero nor interested in anime, so it was not something I was used to, and that is exactly why I found it intriguing. I played for years because I found a great sense of community from the game. I enjoyed making tools and doing math to figure out the optimal ways to play.

Fire Emblem Heroes

After I stopped playing School Idol Festival, I turned to Fire Emblem Heroes to satisfy my "mobile gacha game with math to be done" urge.


I discovered XCOM in November 2015. I really enjoy the emergent storytelling it allows, with unique soldiers and permadeath.