My name is Andy Iverson, and this is a place for my stuff!


I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. I went to college at Oklahoma State and graduated in December 2016 with a degree in Management Information Systems.


Data is how we know things, and statistics is how we know we know things. Over the past few years I have come to realize that data and statistics are extremely important, and also very interesting! I spend a good amount of free time just playing with data. I record data on myself, and on games I play, and I've done a few surveys to get data from other people. You can find some of my analytical adventures on the Data page!


When I was about ten, I thought it would be cool to figure out how to make games. I needed to find a program that would let me do it, so I googled "game maker" and found Game Maker. This is how I learned to code. At first, I was using the nice drag-and-drop interface Game Maker provides, and later I started using Game Maker's built-in programming language, GML. I made a lot of small games betwen the ages of 10 and 13.

I didn't program as much in high school, although I did take a couple computer science classes. I really started to get into programming when I started working on the first version of this website and had to learn JavaScript. I like making web apps with JavaScript because they are easy for people to jump into. The games I made when I was a kid had to be downloaded, and could only run on Windows. Anyone with a web browser can run a web app.

I spend a lot of free time nowadays building web apps from random ideas. You can find a few of these on the Apps page!


There are a select few video games that have been a big part of my life. Age of Empires was a big part of my childhood, and I spent a lot of time making custom maps for Age of Empires 3 and playing them online. The Civilization series is awesome, and Civ II and V in particular are my favorite games of all-time. I'm also a fan of XCOM and Pokemon. And then there's School Idol Festival, which is an anime rhythm game I found great community in.
I also played a lot of RuneScape, but we don't talk about that.

Video games are a huge waste of time. Recently, though, I've been trying to turn them into something productive, by making my personal entertainment other people's entertainment, too. You can find game-related content on the Games page!


In high school and college I did a lot of doodling in class. At some point I started doodling outside of class, too. I started with colored pencils, and then did most of my work in pen. I actually switched my major to graphic design briefly, but found that doodling for other people was too stressful for me. I still doodle for myself occasionally. You can find all my completed doodles on the Art page!

Other things about me

I like electronic music with hip-hop beats. Specific artists I like are Bassnectar, Flume, Sam Gellaitry, Veorra, San Holo, Purity Ring, ODESZA, Pretty Lights, and Kaytranada.

I enjoy sports - and not just because I like stats! I like basketball and golf in particular.

I like xkcd and Veritasium.


You may email me at andy@andyiverson.me.